Thursday, April 19, 2012

Juhend: Välkmaleturniir Soomes

Vaadeldajale edastati kiri, milles kutsutake Eesti maletajaid osalema Soome välkmalevõistlusele. Turniir toimub neljapäeval, 17. mail, Tamperes. Täpsemalt all juhendis.

Blitz chess (5+5 min) tournament in Tampere, Finland

Tournament will take place at Thursday, 17th of May 2012

Set up: Players are divided into equal strength qualifying groups according to their ratings. Each group consists of 10-16 players and they play round-robin tournament. Best players of each group will qualify to A-group, next bests to B-group etc.

All groups (10-16) will play again round-robin tournament. Last 2-4 players of A-group will be transferred to B-group as well as best players in B-group will qualify to A-group. Same kind of “elevator” works between B- and C-groups, etc.

All groups will once again play round-robin tournament and transfers between groups will be repeated. At last Finals will be played

Example for 60 players:
1. 5*12 player gualifying groups, 2 players from each group will create A,B,C,D and E-groups
2. 10 players in each group A, B, C, D, E
3. 10 players in each group A, B, C, D, E
4. Finals are created from all players in A-group+5 players from B-group, second group consist of rest of the B-group+C-group etc.

In this playing form there will be 11+9+9+14 games for each, totally 43.

Prices in 60 players example:
A-group winner gets 60€, A-group second and winners of other groups, 30€. In Finals A-group winner gets 200€, second 150€ and third 100€. Other groups’ winner get 90€ and second 50€.

Venue: School of Amuri, Satakunnankatu 60, Tampere

Schedule: 8.30 - 9.30 participation confirmation and registration fee (25€) payment, qualifying groups 10-12, Groups 12.15-14, lunch, Groups 15-16.50 and Group finals 17.15-20.15.

Registration: Registration must be done in advance, no later than 15th of May to addresses below. Players’ names are published in Tournament home pages in web.

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